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We at Gotapatent AB in Jönköping work with Patents, Trademarks and Design. We have been serving the Swedish Industry and our colleagues since 1947. We think big with small means. With the help of our partners and our own skills we can provide services globally as well as locally.

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Patent Consulting

Our Patent Attorneys provide service and guidance to you and your company in every aspect of the IP-sector. We are at hand at the start of your project to provide you with legal and technical expertise in regards to consulting, researches and enquiries as well as monitoring your competitors in the market which you are active. This gives us the possibility to formulate and file for a patent application before the invention is made public. You are always provided with a dedicated Patent Attorney, who will help you from start to finish in the patent process.

Registered Design

Registered Design is the legal term which is also called Industrial design right. This creates a high end protection of your newly created design. Our expertise staff will assist you in regards to various formalities regarding your design protection.

Legal protection of Registered Design

Registered Design is the legal term, which also is called Industrial design right. This forms a high end protection of your newly created design.

A Registered Design includes the protection for the appearance and form of the product, but not protection of the products function or its underlying cause. With an Industrial design right no one else is allowed to produce, sell or import copies of the protected design. The Swedish Patents and Registration Office (also called PRV in Swedish - Patent- och Registeringsverket) is the responsible authority of Industrial Design Rights in Sweden. Today an Industrial design right can be applied for in specific countries and regionally. We at Gotapatent would be please to support you with counseling that gives you and your product the best legal protection. For example, if your product should be protected only in your country or in the whole of Europe if you have market competition.

We at Gotapatent would be please to support you with counseling that gives you and your product the best legal protection. For example, if your product should be protected only in your country or in the whole of Europe if you have market competition.

Portfolio management

Maintaining and monitor an intellectual property portfolio is a big commitment that takes a lot of time and resources. We can easily through our Patent System give you a cost-efficient way to supervise you and your company’s different rights of protection. Through creation of lists, it gives you and your company a more strengthened overview of your different markets and protections. Through our partners i.a. Clarivate in Belgium which gives us different options to monitor your competitors and compare them to your protections, for example your different brands. Through our patent system, we can do annual monitoring and renewals over the whole world in a very cost-efficient way. Please contact us for a quotation if you already have an intellectual property portfolio and if you want us to review its costs. There are always ways to save more money.

Intellectual property

Intellectual property is the legal area that through law and precedents regulates the right for protection of different forms of intangible assets. Most of the legal systems admit protections for patents, brands and patterns, the rights to literary, artistic and scientific works, weapons and names. The author of an intellectual property is in general protected for a specific amount of time from duplicating or any different type of mapping.

Through our Partners we can aid you with technical and legal counseling if a litigation would occur. In the first hand, we would try to solve the conflict with peaceful negotiations and try to come to an agreement without the matter going to court. We can for example aid you with writing a potential infringer and stress the intrusion and in this way, avoid a mood procedure. This saves money for all parties involved.

Intellectual property strategies

To have the right Intellectual property strategy is of great importance for companies today. But more specific what is important? How should you proceed to maximize the use of your portfolio? In some cases, you should reconsider maybe not to develop your own product or service. Maybe it is more efficient to buy as license or even more profitable to buy a whole patent-series. All these types of questions are something that we at Gotapatent can aid you with and to counsel you in the right direction. Through our local and global partners with a lot of experience in commercial law and immaterial-legislation we can aid you with making the right decisions to maximize your success.

Brand & Domain names

A trademark is a name, a symbol and a sign that is used to identify products or services. Trademarks are a type of immaterial asset. They are often protected through a brand-protection or simply because the brand is well known to the public. Trademarks have a basic meaning for individuation of a certain company’s product for its marketing. The trademark is there for carrier of the products positive impression from the consumer. A domain name is also known as the name of an administrative frame on the internet. Organizations public services (for example: e-mail and webpages) and specific computers are often reached with the help of a domain name. Domain names are there to help people to easily remember the numeric values of IP-addresses that can be compared to as a "phone number" on the internet between different computers.

About us

GOTAPATENT AB is the merger of "Växjö Patent Bureau", which was founded in 1947 and "Götalands Patent Bureau", which was founded in 1970 by Hubertus Siebmanns and is being run today by Christoph Siebmanns. The main-office is located in Jönköpings also known as "the heart of Småland".

Gotapatent have assisted companies and inventors in questions regarding intellectual property for many years. We offer our clients: Legal Consulting, Copyright & Design protection, Legal protection of Registered Design, Registered Portfolio management, Intellectual property, Intellectual property strategies and Trademarks, Brands & Domain names. As a conclusion, our legal experience can support you and your company in many different ways. Marketing, sales and corporate finances are also one of our greatest assets you can use in order to reach your goal as an inventor or as a company. Through our partners all over the world we can strive to get your intellectual properties to be used as efficient as possible.

With legal consulting-services, analyses and administration of intellectual properties we help you to convert passive intellectual assets to persistent values in your company.

Through our network of associates all over the world in different areas concerning intellectual properties, Gotapatent can and will be you and your company’s partner globally as well as locally.

The result is a small and string company within the area of intellectual property. A way that combines great knowledge about intellectual property with competence concerning business, law and technology that is required to ensure that you, our client is given a persistent tire formulations entails.



Chief executive officer (CEO)

Christoph Siebmanns

Phone: 070-2977323

Authorized Swedish and European Trademark and Design Attorney. Full-time active member in the company for more than 25 years.

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Erik Williamsson

M.Sc Engineering Physics, Chalmers University of Technology.


Andreas Siebmanns

B.Sc Media Technology, Linköping University.